Never deprive yourself of delicious cheesecake!

At Anticupcake Company, we specialize in cupcake alternatives: gourmet personal size cheesecakes. Every cheesecake is made with love in our San Carlos kitchen. We believe in using delicious, quality, and organic ingredients from local California suppliers whenever possible, including organic cage free California eggs.

Our cheesecakes are creamy, scrumptious, and semi-sweet. The base recipe for all of our cheesecakes is adapted from the ingenious creation of the late mother of the owner of the Anticupcake Company. To this day, the recipe remains largely unchanged to maintain the deliciousness, fluffy texture, and freshness of a homemade cheesecake.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy cheesecake, which is why all of our cheesecakes are Gluten-Free. All cheesecakes are baked in a Gluten Free facility using Zest Bakery‘s amazing homemade GF graham crackers and are regularly available at their San Carlos bake shop.

So raise your forks and dig in! Once you have tried our artisan cheesecakes, you will know what REAL cheesecake tastes like!

Down with the Cupcake! Up with the Cheesecake!

Anticupcake Company has been rated #1 for desserts in Menlo Park at Yelp.com!

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